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We provide shelter and proper care…
We provide shelter and proper care…

Our Inception

In the dark times, when fear and crisis had petrified people, Late Tak Zaingari Sahab, an extra ordinary aficionado of his time established Jammu & Kashmir Yateem Trust (JKYT). As a remarkable and empathic man, he was ardent on changing the living conditions of bystanders and fallen apart ones in a torn world. He had seen the cold streets of Kashmir filled with them, the hopeless and marginalized. Jammu and Kashmir Yateem Trust Founded back then in the ramshackle city of Kashmir, the legendary man submitted his entire life in serving the fragile, the weak and exploited. All this started 48 years ago. Although the naysayers had then hardly seen it more than a miniscule. But as Maulana Rumi Says, “as you start to walk upon the way appears.” With the same spirit Tak Zaingari Sahab built a world of peace and happiness for all the downtrodden. Although, vexed with the vituperative scepticism, highs and lows alongside snags to shake his enthusiasm were never off the road. However, all this like a long spell of winter finally came to an end, when more and more noble people shared their affliction with the holy cause.

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