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We provide shelter and proper care…
We provide shelter and proper care…

Wedding Assistance

Wedding Assistance to 350 grown up orphan/Destitute girls.

The true delight and compassion of being a human lies in understanding humanity. In coming terms with the love of care for a human by a human. This is the corner stone for making life beautiful. We value this principal more than anything. We take a complete stock of this joy sprinkling spell. We bring smile on the faces of orphan brides. Provide them with all those items which establishes that cordial sense of ambiance of being a complete one.

Fashion, Customs and modernization have made the marriages more expensive and extremely difficult for needy, poor and orphans in today’s society that has resulted in the fact that a huge number of young girls, who have attained the age of marriage are not able to bear the expenses of so called modern marriages. It’s a fact that these ridiculous cultural norms were not prevalent in our society some years back. Poor and Orphan girls who have reached the age of marriage and their families are not able to bear the expenses of their marriages, the J&K Yateem Trust provide such girls a marriage/wedding kit, which contains all the necessary items, a poor bride needs for her marriage. It includes clothes, toiletry items, shoes and sandals, shawl and other necessary items.

S No.ItemQuantity
1Trunk01 No
2Dress/Suits 05 No
3Pheran 01 No
4Sweater 01 No
5Shawl 01 No
6Handbag 01 No
7Towel 01 No
8Musalla 01 No
9Tooth paste & Brush 01 No
10Under Garments01 Packet each
11Hair Oil & shampoo 01 No
12Mirror 01 No
13Cosmetics01 Pack
14Talc 01 No
15Henna (Mehandi) 01 No
16Socks02 No’s
17Nail Cutter 01 No
18Soap & Soap Case 01 No
19Comb 01 No

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